Dance as an art of life

I am by no mean a professional dancer, at least until the age of 30. While I would love to share how dance as an art of life has changed and promoted me in any dimension.

But, really I have to thank God that I was given the chance to learn and practice movement and bodywork as art. It helps me to appreciate and understand myself better, to love my body better, and to understand and live in a better world.
So, instead of focusing on what dance has done to me, I will have a look at what dance can do to us.
In my opinion, dance is a highly addictive art. It is compulsive and demanding. If you like it, you cannot let it go. Dancing requires a lot of discipline, body control, movement knowledge, and a little bit of madness.
Even if you are not born a dancer, there is no reason not to learn how to dance. Dance is a wonderful way of self-expression. A lot of people think that it is not for them. They feel self-conscious. They don't want to be the ugly duckling in the crowd. They think that it is just for a certain kind of people.
But, all the negative thoughts are just illusions. Dance is for everyone. Anyone can dance. Dance is a great way to relieve your stress. It is a good way not to pick up junk food. Dance is a fun way to become a healthier human being.
Life is not the same anymore. Dance made me a better person. It gives me the power to live. It gives me the power to express myself. It helps me to understand other people better. It made me humble. IT made me a better leader. It made me a better manager. It made me a better dancer.
So, will you join the dance?
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