10 Ballerina Decor Ideas For Every Home

If you’re a dancer, then chances are you love all things ballet. Whether it’s watching performances, practicing choreography, or shopping for supplies, there is something special about the world of ballet that keeps us coming back for more. But did you know that you can bring the beauty of ballet into your home in a variety of ways? Read on to discover our top 10 ballerina decor ideas for every home!


1. Ballerina Artwork
What better way to show off your love of dance than with some beautiful ballerina artwork hung on your walls? You can find prints from local artists or purchase original art pieces online. Whether they’re realistic or abstract works, these pieces are sure to add a touch of elegance and beauty to any room in your home.
2. Ballet Shoes
Who doesn’t love a pair of pretty pointe shoes? Whether they’re hung on your wall as art pieces or placed on display in a glass box, these treasured items are sure to bring a smile to anyone who enters the room.
3. Throw Pillows
There are many different types of throw pillows available with ballerina designs on them. From classic black and white tutu prints to bold colors and patterns, these pillows are perfect for adding an extra bit of life and color to any living space or bedroom.
4. Jewelry Holder
Turn an old jewelry box into a unique ballerina holder by adding some paint and glitter! This is an easy way to make something plain look chic and elegant while still keeping all your favorite accessories organized in one place. Plus, it makes for a great conversation piece when friends come over!
5. Ballet Slippers Wall Decals
Give any wall in your home an instant makeover with some funky ballet slipper wall decals! These removable decals come in various colors and sizes so you can easily pick one that will match the existing decor in the room while still making it look new and exciting again.
6. Tutu Lights
Add some fun lighting options around your house with tutu lights! These LED string lights come in various shapes—from teacups to stars—and create the perfect ambiance when lit up at night time or during special occasions like birthdays and holidays!
7. Ballerina Figurines
Place small porcelain figurines around the house as cute reminders of why we love dancing so much! These little statuettes come in all sorts of poses—en pointe, arabesque, etc.—and will serve as sweet mementos that will last forever!
8. Paintings with Ballerinas
For those looking for something more timeless yet still chic, there are plenty of paintings depicting classic scenes from ballets like The Nutcracker or Swan Lake which you can hang up around the house for everyone to admire! Not only do these artworks look beautiful but they also serve as lovely reminders about what inspired us to start dancing in the first place!
9. Vintage Posters
If you’re looking for something more modern yet still vintage-inspired then why not try out some vintage posters featuring iconic dancers from famous ballets such as The Sleeping Beauty or Giselle? These posters will instantly liven up any room while still paying homage to our beloved art form!
10. Customized Sculptures
Last but certainly not least, if you really want something special then why not commission an artist to create custom sculptures based off your favorite dancers? This is definitely an investment but it will be worth it once you have a one-of-a-kind piece in your home that nobody else has access too!


Whether you’re looking for subtle touches or bold statement pieces, there is no shortage of ways that dancers can bring their passion into their homes through decorating with ballerina-themed items. From classic artwork prints to customized sculptures—there is something here for everyone who loves dance and wants their space reflect their passion too! With these ten ideas listed above, we hope that everyone finds something special within this list that speaks directly them them personally so they can enjoy displaying their love for ballet each day within their own homes too!
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